Rekabette öne geçin
Get ahead in the competition
Küresel lojistik çözümün adresi
Address of the spherical logistics solution


Our warehouses are strategically located in Istanbul and New York. We also offer you the most effective e-commerce fulfillment and logistics solutions with our business partners in London, Frankfurt, Dubai, Shanghai and Singapore. You just focus on competition, your products and expanding your market.

We make your returned shipments ready for delivery, improve the packages, send them to new locations, RTO or other solutions as consolidated packages.

It is sufficient to rent an area on a monthly basis only.

With the ease of the software, all stock movements,

You can instantly monitor transactions such as repackaging, consolidation/deconsolidation and shipping…

With the WMS system, ÖKE provides instant inventory tracking, with the FIFO / FEFO logic, always ensure your products to be output in the most accurate way. We add value to you in your operations with serial follow-up and our employees blended with a quarter-century of experience assigned to your operation will bring you forward in your market and offer sustainable efficiency. We provide instant data flow, quality, efficient and transparent service in your distribution operations.

• E-Commerce operations with ERP-WMS Integration
• Inventory Management
• Flow Through Operations
• Cross Dock Operations
• Barcode Tracking (Items, parcels)
• RF ID trackings (parcels)
• Quality Control
• Expiration dates, Lot and Serial Tracking
• FIFO,FEFO and LIFO trackings
• GOH Stockings
• Product Replenishment
• Order Consolidation
• 3 Shift of Service
• ADR Certified Product Storage

ÖKE Logistics company offers you productivity and different perspectives in your operations with its quarter century experience and knowledge