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Logistics Solutions Platform
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E-commerce is growing ÖKE Logistics ensures your integration
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The right logistics and supply chain channels

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E-Commerce Logistics and Delivery Solutions

Although there is a lot of demand for your product that you sell on your e-commerce website or in the marketplaces, unfortunately, if you do not proceed with the right cost, planning, quality, timing, and legislation, you will not get the reward for your effort.

Despite all the truths, many entrepreneurs cannot achieve their goals because the right logistics service provider is not selected. Your logistics service provider is the most important secret element in the e-commerce stages and your success.

We Are Also Claimed In International Land Transportation

We are with you for your international land shipments including Europe, England, Scandinavian Countries and Turkic Republics at the most affordable prices without sacrificing quality. Our logistics professionals, who have managed thousands of international land transportation operations, add sustainable value to your transportation processes.

Express Delivery OK-Express ®

One of the most important elements to be managed in logistics processes is time. It is important for your brand’s prestige, reliability and long-term trade to deliver the product you promise to your customers on time in your express shipping processes where you have to race against time.

For example, if your customer’s production line is waiting for your product, if the demand is suddenly more positively recorded towards your products in parallel with the conjuncture, or the number of orders of your customer has to increase suddenly,

International Air Cargo Solution Platform

With our wide and reliable supplier network, we carry out your international air transport operations suitable for all types of cargo in the most efficient way. ÖKE Logistics carries your products insured with the most reliable airline cargo companies, with the analysis it has done with you. ÖKE Logistics will be your biggest supporter in this race against time in international air transport.

Food, textile, aviation, spare parts / OEM products, hazardous materials, technology, energy, automotive, chemistry,

Warehouse Solution Platform

Requirements for successful warehouse management; extraction of operation stages (inbound, storage, outbound), SWOT analysis, determination of all needs, layout/shelf planning, procurement of warehouse equipment, provision of the most appropriate human resources, the establishment of procedures (SOP), clarification of performances (KPI) for each stage, regular measurement of performances with the warehouse management system (WMS), provision of necessary improvements at the right time, and transparent invoicing processes..

E-commerce Solution Platform
OK-Ecommerce ®

Do you have full knowledge of all legislation, operation, and cost details while doing e-export? Yes, each country has its own dynamics and characteristics. Do you want to send a food product to America? Do you know the FDA and other conditions? Or will you send a textile product to the Middle East Region? Are you familiar with the requirements of the Arabian peninsula? Throughout this process, we mentor you and guide you, and you will not be exposed to hidden costs with our employees who have a quarter-century of experience.

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ÖKE Logistics company offers you productivity and different perspectives in your operations with its quarter century experience and knowledge