Lojistik Çözümler Platformu
Logistics Solutions Platform
E-ticaret büyüyor ÖKE Lojistik entegrasyonunuzu sağlıyor
E-commerce is growing ÖKE Logistics ensures your integration
Doğru Lojistik ve Tedarik Zinciri Kanalları
The right logistics and supply chain channels

Heavy and Project Transportation

Öke Logistics manages your heavy and out-of-gauge transportations in the most efficient way from all perspectives. We make effective cost, risk plan and project management on your behalf, creates and implements the most suitable solutions for your needs with its experienced and professional staff, reliable and strong business partners. We carry out your project transfers in the most reliable way in all domestic and international project shipments, in line with the calculations and preliminary analyzes, by fully adhering to your product, with special transportation permits, leading services, lashing and HSE conditions. We provide transparent and instant online information flow at all application stages.

It is our greatest motivation to carry all your non-gauge materials such as generators, reactors, transformers, construction equipment, yachts, factory equipment, beams, EPC materials and wind power plants with our experience and knowledge.

ÖKE Lojistik şirketi çeyrek asırlık tecrübe ve bilgi birikimi ile operasyonlarınızda sizlere verimlilik ve farklı bakış açıları sunar...