Lojistik Çözümler Platformu
Logistics Solutions Platform
E-ticaret büyüyor ÖKE Lojistik entegrasyonunuzu sağlıyor
E-commerce is growing ÖKE Logistics ensures your integration
Doğru Lojistik ve Tedarik Zinciri Kanalları
The right logistics and supply chain channels

Express Delivery OK-Express ®

After receiving your express products from you, we organize the insurance and customs processes immediately. ÖKE Logistics manage the shipping process on behalf of you rapidly with the most prestigious scheduled air cargo companies.

With cost benefit analysis, we also provide international transportation operations of your express loads with minivan service when necessary. In some cases, for your import or export emergency cargoes from Europe, the road minivan service is faster and at lower cost than the airline.

You can choose from many options depending on your budget and urgency. For destinations such as the United States, Canada, England, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Far East and Middle East countries, we have a network of contracted suppliers to meet your speed and economic needs.

ÖKE Logistics company offers you productivity and different perspectives in your operations with its quarter century experience and knowledge