Rekabette öne geçin
Get ahead in the competition
Küresel lojistik çözümün adresi
Address of the spherical logistics solution

ÖKE Logistics was founded in 2018 by professionals with over 20 years of experience in the e-commerce, express, shipping, storage and logistics industry.

Today, we successfully provide e-commerce and integrated logistics fulfillment services to dozens of customers who export and sell international e-commerce in Istanbul, New York, London, Frankfurt, Dubai, Shanghai, Singapore and more, with the strength of our spherical investors. We are happy to achieve up to 100 percent customer satisfaction in our hundreds of door-to-door express weekly last-mile delivery operations.

With our ‘Get Ahead in Competition’ (ahead) software, you will be able to easily access all stages (including last-mile delivery), from the origin of your product until to the endpoint, from your office or home, without any interfaces.

Our Vision

To provide permanent advantages in the e-commerce and logistics sector by creating differences, and to provide sustainable efficiency to our customers..

Our Mision

By continuously investing in our technological infrastructure, human resources and research and development processes, we always keep the productivity levels of our customers at the highest level.

Our Values

Honesty, Customer/Result-Oriented, Respectful to Human/Environment, Efficiency, Spherical, Creative and Innovative, Continuous Improvement, Responsive Management, Responsibility and Quality Focused

ÖKE Logistics company offers you productivity and different perspectives in your operations with its quarter century experience and knowledge