Lojistik Çözümler Platformu
Logistics Solutions Platform
E-ticaret büyüyor ÖKE Lojistik entegrasyonunuzu sağlıyor
E-commerce is growing ÖKE Logistics ensures your integration
Doğru Lojistik ve Tedarik Zinciri Kanalları
The right logistics and supply chain channels

ÖKE Logistics was established in 2018 by professionals with a quarter-century of experience and knowledge for accurate and successful logistics processes. We set out with the mission of providing an efficient supply chain and unique logistics solutions to its customers. This mission is our most important source of motivation and strength.

The main elements in logistics and supply chain are managing variables in the most effective and productive way, being constantly proactive, and fast adaptation.

Correct logistics management is not only through systems and tools, it is to internalize the supply chain of our customers and to present hundreds of case experiences as efficiency. We offer you the most efficient operations with our e-commerce, international shipping, warehousing, customs, warehouse, national distribution, and logistics experience.


We provide unique solutions environment for our customer


We do the right, fulfill our commitment

Our Values

  • To achieve perfection
  • The customer is located at our centric
  • Challenges are our motivation
  • Correct is our compass
  • Social responsibilities are in our DNA

ÖKE Logistics company offers you productivity and different perspectives in your operations with its quarter century experience and knowledge